Q & A about beautiful flower

About beautiful flower

Q. Can I edit images?
Q. I want to manage many images.
Q. Supported file formats.

About installation and uninstallation

Q. “This application requires .NETframework 4.5.2 or higher” is displayed.
Q. Uninstall beautiful flower.

Main screen operation

Q. The mouse wheel cannot be scaled or rotated.
Q. I want to adjust the zoom of the mouse wheel.
Q. The controller has disappeared.
Q. The speed of GIF animation does not change.
Q. I want to change the background color.

About the image selection screen

Q. The thumbnail is small. I want to know the file name.
Q. I want to open a subfolder on the image selection screen.
Q. If I edit an image while browsing, it is locked and cannot be overwritten.
Q. It takes time to display and operate the image selection screen.

Source of website sample images

The flower images used in this website are free images provided by the stock photo service “PAKUTASO”.