Release history

2016.7.8 beautiful flower v1.0 Release.
2016.7.9 v1.1 Release.
・Fixed a problem with incomplete data.
・Fixed to be able to maintain the operation added to the image being viewed.
・Fixed a problem with resizing when displaying images.
2016.7.19 v1.2 Release.
・Added link function with image editing software.
・Fixed an issue where editing was impossible due to file access lock while the app was running.
・Fixed a problem with rotation animation.
・Fixed the problem that the display position of the image is reset by selecting the thumbnail.
・Fine adjustment of design and key operation.
2016.7.31 v1.3 Release.
・Added support for extension ico.
・Rotation animation adjustment.
・Added image property function.
・Added sorting function for image selection screen
・Up to 4 editing software links can be set.
・Supports gif animation.
・Added speed adjustment function for gif animation.
・Fixed a problem with the thumbnail display order on the image selection screen.
・Fixed the problem that the file name becomes invalid when starting the editing software.
・Fixed a problem that occurred when loading an image with a part of data damaged.
・Fixed a problem that file lock was applied while the image selection screen was displayed.
2019.10.27 v1.4 Release.
・Fixed a bug related to speed adjustment of GIF animation.
・Fixed image control problem during window resizing.
・Correction of thumbnail enlargement size.
・Fixed a problem with thumbnail image quality.
・Added an enlarged view information panel to the thumbnail screen.
・Added scale adjustment function for scaling with mouse wheel.
・Added background color change function.
2019.11.12 v1.5 Release.
・Fixed a problem with GIF animation.
・Fixed a problem related to damaged file display.
・Added the controller background color setting function.
・Changed controller design.
・Change the specification of the color setting dialog.
・Change the icon design.
・Wheel operation for GIF animation speed setting.
・Wheel operation for mouse wheel scaling.
・Fixed the operation when Ctrl + image scaling operation.
・Add shortcut keys.
・Supports English and Simplified Chinese.
2019.11.16 v1.5.1 Release.
・ Localization adjustment of each function
・ Start file explorer with E key
・ Adjustment for link button operation
・ Fixed image switching operation